One of the main outputs from the programme is a validated outcome measure – the ePAQ-VAS.

The ePAQ-VAS is a web-based tool for the collection of PROMs and clinical information of relevance to patients using vascular services. 

It can be completed by patients from home using a web-interface. Secure access is provided through a personalised voucher code that can be distributed with an appointment letter or by other means. It may also be completed by patients at the time of outpatient appointments using a tablet or computer workstation. 

The form is divided into a number of sections relating to generic information and specific sections relating to aneurysm, leg symptoms or CAD. Relevant sections may be completed or skipped depending upon the nature of the condition that is being addressed. 

The form is designed to collect data of clinical relevance but also to produce outcome estimates including the generic EQ5D and specific domains related to clinical conditions.  These can be used to monitor individual patient progress or for overall service evaluation. 

The reliability and validity of the tool have been established through extensive psychometric evaluation. 

The ePAQ-VAS is based upon a model used in other specialities and for pre-operative assessment that are being developed and managed by an NHS spin-off company. Read more details of the other ePAQ versions.

A demonstration version of the final version of the form is available.

Further details of the processes used in the development of the ePAQ-VAS can be found in the outputs.

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