Organisational model

A computerised simulation model has been developed with a web-based interface. This allows the modelling of potential reconfiguration of the sites that are providing vascular services in England. 

The model has a web user interface, which allows the selection of specific regions and combinations of hospital sites, and of various parameters and assumptions for sensitivity analysis. By selecting different combinations of sites for a ‘before and after’ comparison, the effects of reconfiguration of services can be modelled. 

The results of the simulation provide detailed outputs regarding the effect of changes in service location on the number of admissions, resource usage, workload and outcomes for each category of vascular activity at each site.   

It also provides overall estimates of the cost effectiveness of a reconfiguration with an estimate of the incremental cost effectiveness ratio and an evaluation of the effect on average travelling distance.

A working version of the model is freely available.

Further details of the development of the model can be found in the outputs.

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